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  • What does Microsoft have against black people?

    Every now and then, a Megacorp does something really stupid. Founded in 1975, you’d think Microsoft knew their way around international business by now – but then something like this shows up:

    Compare Microsoft’s international Business Productivity website against
    the Polish version of the same website. (Note: These are Actual URLs)

    Notice anything different?

    For your convenience, check out this screenshot:


    Microsoft website comparison


    In the world of Business Productivity Infrastructure, I guess this is as “WTF??” as it gets.

  • Alexander Støver
    26th Aug 2009

    Unbelievable… Somebody is getting fired.

  • Joachim
    26th Aug 2009

    For all I know people could be pretty racist in Poland, but I doubt it. And whether that’s the case or not is really beside the point. This is just about as bad as it gets. Someone should get fired for that.

  • Aryle
    26th Aug 2009

    Black guy has been put back in the Polish site now..

  • homer
    26th Aug 2009

    they apologized *yesterday* …

  • Roar
    26th Aug 2009

    There’s a lot racism in Poland. But even so…

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