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  • now smaller than Reddit is now smaller than in Pageviews, shows numbers from, the web information company. Although Alexas numbers aren’t an exact science, its graphs and numbers are often quoted in mainstream media, giving an approximation to the real life facts.

    The userbase of social bookmarking website has been in uproar ever since the new Digg v4, in which popular functions such as Upcoming News, the entire Video-section and other key functionality was removed.

    Observing Daily Reach (in Percent), Digg’s decline isn’t as clear. shows a small decrease in traffic, whilst makes a small jump – before falling back down. These numbers can be misleading though, as a lot of people may visit the new to merely observe the changes – before making a hasty retreat.

    Observing Daily Pageviews, Digg’s decline is much clearer: makes a sharp, downward plunge in Pageviews (a drastic 32,6% decrease in 1 month), whilst makes a solid jump – positioning it just above the former champ. Pageviews may give a good representation of the actual situation, as a decline in Pageviews shows a decrease in the overall user activity on the website.

    This makes the world’s largest social bookmarking website per September of 2010, according to

    Kevin Rose, your move.